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Home Theater Systems and the many different types of available components can be intimidating or even downright confusing for those trying to find what they need in order to enjoy HDTV and surround sound to its fullest. That's why I created this web site -- to help you find what you need to know about Home Theater and the various audio-video components associated with high definition television and digital surround sound.

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If you are looking for a new HDTV or theater system for enjoying your favorite TV shows in HD, the latest movie releases on DVD and Blu-ray disc or for watching your favorite sporting events in glorious high definition, you have just found the "right place in cyberspace" for your video display and AV component selection information.

Also, if you have already purchased a new digital surround sound system or HDTV -- herein you'll find info on how to integrate and install your new TV, speakers or audio-video components. All of the various aspects of bringing the Big-Screen Experience to your own home are covered within this "humble little web site". From the most basic of HDTV and digital audio home theater systems incorporated into a family room to custom home theater rooms you'll find time and money saving tips in the various topical sections of this site.

Much of the advice here is geared for those beginning their Home Theater project. Perhaps you have seen the latest blockbuster DVD release on a friend's big screen HDTV and want to upgrade your TV but are unsure what format or type to get. 720p, 1080p, LCD, DLP, Plasma -- the terms can indeed be confusing. If you are among the "dazed and confused" relax and read on - HDTV selection, setup and installation tips are all here within this site. If you're needing one-on-one, personal consultation, component selection or room design help check out my economical consultation services and I'll be glad to help you figure it all out and probably save you some time and even more importantly - money.

Please allow me just a moment to introduce myself -- my name is Phil Taylor. I have over 30 years of extensive video, audio and television production experience. I've had an interest and passion for home theater for many years and I was among the early audio/visual enthusiasts who adapted the available A/V systems to create a cinema environment in our homes for viewing movies. At first we utilized film projectors (and movie selections were VERY limited) -- of 8mm and 16mm -- some more affluent enthusiasts even had 35mm gear -- then VHS (and beta) tape and LP-record-sized Laserdiscs as the various home entertainment components evolved into what we now call "home theater technology".

It's a "whole new ballgame" nowadays as available technology has advanced considerably. Modern high definition Blu-ray DVD players, HD satellite TV systems, DLP LCD and plasma TVs, digital surround sound and the technology associated with all of the numerous new available components can be confusing or even overwhelming to many people. The purpose of this site is to help you make an informed decision when considering your various components' purchase.

My first bit of advice is that you do not have to spend a small fortune to achieve the desired "WOW factor" (unless you really want to). A great system that will impress your family and friends can be built or purchased that can fit even the most modest of budgets. All you really need for the basic home cinema experience is a DVD player, a good (preferably large) video display device and digital surround sound and you too can begin to enjoy movies at home even more than before. Basic system selection tips are in the section - buyers' advice.

In my opinion one of the systems is one which can be incorporated into a family or living room. My personal DLP HD projector, screen and digital 5.1 surround audio system is unobtrusive and goes fairly unnoticed. Unnoticed, that is, until it is time to really enjoy a DVD movie, or watch stunning HDTV programming complete with theater quality digital surround sound.

If you have a larger budget you may want a dedicated room for your home cinema experience. Likewise dedicated home cinema rooms can range from a previously unused area in your basement to a new addition to your home - more information on casual versus dedicated can be found in the overall theater room design section. You can also explore the added little extras that will help complete your home theater decor and make your viewing experience most enjoyable.

Helpful tips to make your do-it-yourself installation process a little bit easier are now online here at Home Theater Installation Tips.

Latest Developments

Ultra HD TV Is Here

Before you buy that new HDTV - you may want to know about Ultra HD TV ... that's right -- there's a new HD format and displays are available ... for a premium. Ultra HD TV

Epson's 710HD - Hybrid Video Projector

The Epson 710HD is an great choice for budget conscious folks who are looking for a big-screen experience that is very affordable. Although it lacks features of more expensive projectors, it throws a great image for a wide variety of home entertainment purposes. Epson's 710HD

Optoma's HD33 Brings Affordable 1080p 3D Projection Home

The HD33 is the first full 1080p 3D projector to come home at under $1500 -- and its image quality and performance is even better than the low price point --
Optoma HD33.

LG Changes the 3D TV Game for Good

LG has taken the lead in 3D TV for the home. No more clunky, battery powered active shutter glasses = thank goodness! Say goodbye to eye fatigue along with dim, flickering images and say hello to ...
LG's Cinema 3D TVs.

Possibly the Last AV Receiver You Will Ever Need

Yamaha has designed a full-featured receiver that packs the most sought-after features into a surprisingly economical package. Feast your eyes (and ears) on this...
Yamaha RX-V867.

Panasonic V10 Plasma TVs - KURO Successor?

Panasonic's V10 plasma TV model line offers performance that rivals the legendary Pioneer KURO plasma TVs at a more reasonable price point --
Panasonic V10 Plasma TV model line.

My take on 3D TV for home theaters

I'm taking a wait and see attitude toward 3D TV for home viewing. What I've seen so far looks decent ... BUT ... Read my opinion on the current situation at --
Is 3D TV a fad or the future?.

Pioneer receivers that offer performance and value

Pioneer has traditionally offered exceptional performance but was priced a bit out of reach for many -- not anymore. Here's three solid, full-featured performers that won't bust your budget --
Value priced Pioneer receivers.

Great budget HDMI AV receiver from Yamaha

Yamaha has a little gem of a receiver that is great for those who want full HDMI connectivity and HD audio format decoding with no extra frills. Check out the
Yamaha RX-V465.

Latest take on the Plasma vs LCD debate

I've posted my latest views on Plasma TVs vs LCD TVs. A lot has happened over the last year or so to close the gap between the two cosmetically similar but technologically different types of HDTVs. Confused over those differences? Take a look here --
Plasma vs LCD HDTVs.

A Goofy Way to Hook Up a Home Theater System

Disney Pictures created a 2D animated short last year that was shown before the National Treasure Book of Secrets movie. It's hilarious and follows Goofy's antics while buying and wiring a new TV and sound system. Take a look and laugh at --
Goofy's Home Theater Cartoon.

Logitech Universal Remotes for Cosmic Harmony

If you're in need of a universal remote to bring harmony to your home theater cosmos you need look no further than the Logitech Harmony line of remotes. They are the best overall performers hands-down. Replace your pile of remotes with one
Harmony Universal Remote Control.

An Amazing Device from Yamaha

The Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors have been out for a while now and I recently had the opportunity to install a YSP-800 for a client here in OKC and to say I was impressed is an understatement. Virtual and authentic surround sound out of one sleek looking sound bar. Read more on the Yamaha YSP-800.

More New "Sound Bar" Home Theater Systems on the Market

Yamaha has introduced a new line of sound bar along with new entries from Sony, Samsung, Boston Acoustics and Polk Audio.
Check out the new units at Sound Bar Speaker Systems.

The above stories are the seeds of the coming, aforementioned blog-like section on Home Theater Systems News where I'll filter through the latest components, devices and trends for your perusal and offer my take on the home cinema scene for your amusement (and bemusement). It's just getting started so come back soon for new articles.

By the way if you are a bit confused as to the different versions of HDMI that are out there and evolving nearly yearly -- check this clarification in the HDMI section from the Home Theater FAQs section.

Speaking of recommendations -- I rarely promote playback media such as a particular movie or music DVD -- however I had the pleasure to discover the Pink Floyd PULSE DVD and it is absolutely phenomenal. I saw Pink Floyd in Dallas back in 1994 and it immediately became my most favorite, #1 rock concert of all time (and I have seen a LOT of the greats over the years) displacing the Who's "Who's Next" tour back in '73. The PULSE DVD captures the concert's incredible sound and lighting effects like no other DVD to date. Featuring the entire Dark Side of the Moon -- the performance is technically astounding. I could go on quite awhile about the absolutely amazing show but for brevity's sake just check out the reviews and order it here at Amazon and add it to your DVD collection. It's visually and aurally stunning and highly recommended.

We are entering our seventh year here at Home Theater Systems Advice. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I created this site out of a LOVE for home theater technology. I've started a new section of "random related ramblings and rants" -- or somewhat of a daily blog-like series of postings on home theater related topics. It is in the navigation bar to the left. Stay tuned -- you may find it somewhat interesting and also somewhat amusing... :)


There's a new section where you can tell us about new equipment and recent home theater gear purchases. Here's your chance to brag a little and tell us about your new home theater equipment.

As mentioned above in the notes on HDMI versions - the FAQ section is shaping up a bit and more questions and answers are here in the Home Theater FAQ section for your perusal. I've been compiling a collection of the most frequently asked questions over the past years and am collating the Q&A's into a FAQ section. There you will find the latest answers regarding home entertainment technology.

Note - Home Theater Systems Advice is updated with new info added almost daily. This humble little web site celebrated its ten year anniversary in December of 2015. Please bookmark this site and come back soon (and often) for fresh information.

For inquiries, comments or basic assistance Contact Me and I'll answer your basic questions. More specific aid is offered through my personal and custom consultation services.

Thanks for your interest,
Phil Taylor

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