The LG BH200
Best Hybrid DVD Player Yet

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The new LG BH200 is the best hybrid high definition Blu-ray and HD DVD player on the market to date. The second generation player from LG is an much improved version over their first offering -- the BH100 -- which had some issues such as frequent lock-ups and reduced HD DVD menu functionality.

According to all accounts the new version from LG has solved the issues of the BH100. Discs load faster, menus are robust and full functional and lock-ups are few and far between.

LG has dubbed the player as the Super Blu Player. It offers increased HDTV choices with its capability to play 50 to 60 percent more high definition titles than can a single-format HD disc player. Also featuring networked interactivity which is available from selected HD DVD titles, and the capability to handle networked "BD-Live" interactivity which is slated to be forthcoming Blu-ray discs, the BH200 makes use of enhanced proprietary technology for both competing high definition disc formats.

The full featured unit also takes advantage of available advanced options such as picture in picture from many Blu-ray discs. It also offers interactivity with "BD-Java" interactive capability as well as "HDi" web interactivity available from selected HD DVD titles. Access to these features enables viewing of storyboards, production videos and director's commentary as the movie is playing, as well as accessing up-to-date information.

The LG "Super Blu" HD disc player makes additional content available through an internet connection which makes for an enhanced and premium entertainment experience.

Besides being a great unit for movie enthusiasts -- the BH200 is also also a great choice for music enthusiasts as it supports audio CDs. Your current SD disc collection also will look great with the ability to upscale SD DVDs to 1080p, near high definition resolution through an HDMI connection.

And last but not least among the multi-function device's features include the onboard, integrated USB media host for MP3 and WMA audio and the ability to view photos with .jpg photo slide-shows.

Outputs include 1 HDMI, 1 component video RGB via RCAx3, 1 composite video RCAx1, 1 coaxial digital audio, 1 optical digital audio and 1 stereo RCA audio.

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LG BH200

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