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LG Cinema 3D - somebody finally got it right! If you have read my take on 3D for the home you will know that my main issue has been the active shutter glasses that have been the norm for in-home 3D systems ... until now. To be honest I also don't like the smaller screen sizes - but LG has some fairly larger TVs now available with passive 3D technology in their Infinia LW series.

Currently available in 47" and 55" models (I'd still like to see bigger) the main improvement over previous formats is their lighter, more comfortable passive glasses. Passive glasses also offer brighter images with flicker-free viewing and that eliminates the eye-fatigue associated with active shutter glasses technology.

Another big plus is the much wider viewing angles allowed by the passive 3D screen. Active shutter tech basically requires all viewers to be centrally located in order to enjoy the best 3D effect. Passive technology allows viewers to sit where they want with an advertised 180 degree viewing angle. Additionally you only get half the image with SG (shutter glasses) at a time as the shutter alternately "closes" one eye -- causing the image to dim by nearly half and contributing to the dreaded "flicker-effect". Eye fatigue is enormously reduced - if not altogether - with passive glasses technology and that means you can watch Cinema 3D for a LOT longer with no eye-fatigue.

LG Cinema 3D glasses are also battery-free (no recharging needed) and a lot lighter and more comfortable to wear -- much like the RealD theater type glasses or regular sunglasses. They even offer a supplemental lens for prescription glass wearers. The tech-free aspect of the glasses also mean they are enormously cheaper to buy additional pairs if you need them -- and each Cinema 3D set comes with four pairs and additional pairs can be had for about $10 each -- compared to upwards of $100 each for the SG pairs.

OK -- if you weren't already convinced LG's tech is groundbreaking -- how about 2D to 3D conversion and Smart TV networked streaming apps like Netflix included on all Cinema 3D TVs? Basically -- LG Cinema 3D has hit one clear out of the park this time. Of course (and as usual) -- you can get the best prices here at Amazon.

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