The Optoma HD33
Affordable 1080p 3D Projector

Optoma HD33

Optoma has a 3D winner in the Optoma HD33. Until now, full 1080p 3D projectors have been VERY pricey. That changed with the release of the HD33 from Optoma. With a street price of just $1499 the full 1080p 3D projector BIG screen experience is now available to a wider range of budgets.

While not boasting the extreme contrast ratios of some competitor's models, the contrast ratio of 4,000 to 1 is very acceptable and, considering the price point, understandable. To compensate, its 1,800 lumen light output rating is bright enough to overcome the somewhat reduced brightness that is usually experienced when viewing any 3D video display with shutter glasses and also allows for viewing in moderate ambient lighting conditions.

Another plus is the RF emitter for the DLP link glasses. RF is better than IR (the usual method of transmitting the 3D sync signal) because the glasses won't lose sync if you look down, turn your head to talk to a friend or even walk into the kitchen for a snack (as long as your kitchen isn't over 30 feet away). The RF emitter works with Optoma brand glasses (sold separately) as well as many other brands of DLP link active shutter glasses so one has options to find a pair that is a comfortable fit for extended viewing.

The Optoma HD33's DLP color wheel is a 3x speed model which will eliminate the "rainbow effect" for all but the most sensitive of viewers. Running at a 120hz refresh rate in 3D -- the wheel would be rated at 6x for a 2D projector ... so basically unless you are the extremely rare individual that can see a hummingbird's wings in motion you'll see no rainbow effect.

Lamp life is excellent -- rated at 3000 hours in bright mode and 4000 in economy mode. Replacement lamps are reasonably priced as well at under $250 when you finally need one after a few years usage.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the HD33's 2D image is impressive as well. Like its 3D performance, the 2D image is rich in color and contrast and will provide the desired "WOW factor" whether viewing 3D or 2D media.

In conclusion, the Optoma HD33 is an excellent choice for bringing the 3D cinema viewing experience home at a reasonable price. If you've read my previous views on 3D at home you will recall that I find 3D unimpressive on TVs ... but Optoma has made front-projection, 1080p full HD 3D attractive to even my admittedly frugal price point. As always you will find the best price, free shipping and no pesky sales tax on the HD33 here at Amazon.

Optoma HD33

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