2010 Panasonic V10 Plasma TV Models
Loaded With Performance and Value

Panasonic V10 plasma TV

The Panasonic V10 Plasma TV model line offers an amazing image quality combined with nearly all the bells and whistles you will possibly ever need in a television. With black levels nearly matching the legendary Pioneer KURO plasma panels' performance levels -- the V10 line from Panasonic offers a refreshingly low MSRP and can be had at a fraction of a KURO pricetag.

Since Pioneer no longer offers the KURO line Panasonic has stepped up to the plate as Pioneer's successor and has successfully hit one out of the park. KURO plasmas were famous for their inky blacks and the Panasonic V10's Real Black Drive system provides an "Infinite Black" dynamic contrast ratio offering blacks that are truly black but still show important shadow details. In fact many owners of Pioneer plasmas have adopted Panasonic plasmas when replacing their aging Pioneer TVs and for the last year or so of their run Pioneer's panels were actually manufactured by Panasonic.

Their impeccable handling of blacks combined with THX approved color and image handling make Panasonic's V10 model line worth a serious look when shopping for a flat panel TV. Here's some highlights of an impressive feature list --

  • Internet widgets via VieraCast
  • Ultra wide viewing angles
  • G12 Progressive 1080p HD NeoPDP panels
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • 24p Cinematic Playback
  • BBE ViVA HD3D Sound
  • SD card image viewer
One of the nicest features is the reasonable pricing on the V10 model line -- the largest 65" model can be had for around $2500 here at Amazon. If 65" is too big for your room or your budget check out the 58" model for under $1800 here at Amazon. As always with Amazon there's no tax and free shipping on the above Panasonic V10 Plasma TV models.

Panasonic V10 Plasma TV

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