Philips BTD710 Micro Theater

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Details for the Philips BTD710 DVD Micro Theater are trickling about the net. Unveiled at CES 2008 the miniature home theater system accounted for one of Philips' 17 CES Awards for "Best of Innovations". So far only one image has been released and that takes a bit of searching to find. So far the only image appears to be a stock photo from sources unknown but probably from their corporate art department.

Even the Philips web site is devoid of images of the brand new device and a search for text or further descriptions returns nothing on their site. Technical specs and detailed features are non-existent as well. Apparently they are building intrigue and mystique surrounding the small combination DVD player and audio system. The trend of late seems to lean toward miniaturization and eliminating complicated wiring and this little unit appears to have that covered and quite well at that.

It apparently is quite impressive as CES does not dole out awards unnecessarily. The new mini-model audio system is said to be able to stream audio from your PC or cell phone via wireless Bluetooth technology. It reportedly also allows you to make hands free calls and is able to switch seamlessly from listening to music to answering a phone call in an instant. Also the unit sports what is being called an open speaker system which is quoted as "stylish". From the only image released I'd say it's a bit weird looking but I suppose style like beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder.

Stay tuned and I'll keep you informed of any further news as details trickle in on the Philips BTD710. Meanwhile, I'm as curious as the rest of you. :)

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