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Here's some further SXRD TV information compiled from releases referencing CES 2006 and the original release regarding the technology ---
"Our vision of "Higher Definition" is embodied by championing the highest possible picture quality, seamless integration with A/V devices and matching aesthetic appeal," said Randy Waynick, senior vice president of the Home Products Division at Sony Electronics.

Also being spotlighted at CES is Sony's new 55-inch SXRD HDTV featuring a slim cabinet that is 30 percent thinner than the previous 50-inch SXRD model. Sony's SXRD displays have been hailed by critics as among the best TVs and projectors ever made. The new slim rear projection design provides flexible options for people looking for large screen TVs for smaller spaces without sacrificing picture quality. Also, unlike other slim cabinet rear projection televisions, Sony's SXRD model achieves its slim profile while maintaining the same height ratio found in SXRD models previously introduced. "SXRD remains a very important focus for us and this new model demonstrates how the microdisplay will fit into Sony's future of higher definition," Waynick added.

Sony's Silicon X-tal Reflective Display™ (SXRD) technology was originally introduced in the acclaimed QUALIA™ 004 front projector. The new rear projection model achieves higher panel pixel density than conventional micro-display devices. Its narrow inter-pixel spacing provides greater detail and more film-like picture quality with no visual artifacts.

The new model also employs vertically aligned liquid crystal for a high device contrast ratio exceeding 3000:1 and optimal black level reproduction. Additionally, an ultra-thin cell gap with less than a five-millisecond response time (sum of rise and fall time) enables crystal clear images -- even during the most action-packed sequences. The SXRD technology's high luminance three-panel design produces continuous uniform brightness across every frame, for truly accurate color and flesh tones.

For digital images and more press SXRD TV information, please visit Sony Electronics' news and information web site at News".

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