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Earlier Update and SXRD TV News from 6-1-06 - Big 2006 SXRD TV news today from Sony - they have finally made it official. At a press event at the Home Entertainment Show in LA, CA today, the company officially delineated the details on its 2006 lineup of SXRD-equipped rear-projection televisions - news for which many home theater enthusiasts have been waiting.

The 2006 SXRD TVs comes in two basic model lines --- the entry-level KDS-A2000 line and the step-up KDS-RXBR2 line, which Sony is calling SXRD XBR. The basic difference between the two TVs lies in their speaker arrangements with the entry-level model's speakers on the bottom - a feature many were looking for. The more expensive XBRs will sport side-mounted speakers, similar to last year's models and will be removable - unlike last year's widely disliked "Dumbo Ears". Some not-so-good news --- although Sony showed a thinner SXRD TV at CES 2006 in January, the new models' depths aren't any shallower than last year's models. The higher priced XBR sets also feature an extra front-mounted HDMI port for a total of three and all HDMI inputs on the 2006 SXRDs can handle 1080p. They also feature a CableCard slot with an EPG/TV Guide. The non-XBR sets have an extra component-video input on the front panel, for a total of three. Commercial availability should be announced soon --- believed to be later this summer still. NOTE - Make that 2006 SXRD TVs NOW SHIPPING as of 7-23-06 with extremely limited availability.

Original SXRD TV News, Update and Review -- 3-4-06 -- Sorry for the delay since the original article - we've been moving to Oklahoma City over the past few weeks... what an ordeal its been...
I finally had the oportunity to view a Sony SXRD rear-projection TV today at a local Best Buy - VERY impressive! Filmlike is the best description that comes to mind. Absolutely NO visible pixels with my nose six inches from the screen. Fantastic black levels and no visible video noise. The only drawback was that the Best Buy had it setup a bit chroma heavy but that could be adjusted for personal preferences. There were two models on the showroom floor the 60" and 50" rear projection sets - both were equally impressive. Attractive contemporary styling would blend with any room decor. I give Sony's SXRD TV technology two thumbs up - highly recommended!

Some further SXRD TV news - 4-10-06 - prices should soon be dropping further on 2005 model sets as the 2006 SXRD model sets are said to be thinner and also will feature 1080p HD capability. Sony is sketchy and vague about details on the new models in order to not hurt current existing stock sales too much. Further details leaked include that there will be two series of 2006 SXRD TVs, one model line is designated S2000 and includes 50, 55, and 60-inch models --- and then there's Sony's premium "XBR" line, with 60 and 70-inch models. Suggested pricing for the S2000 model line is said to be around $3,000 to $4,000 - the XBRs will be pricier. The side speakers are being dropped on some models as well. It is also rumored that the five Sony 2006 SXRD models will accept 1080p sources via HDMI. Videophiles are eagerly awaiting the release of Sony's new 2006 SXRD TV models. Those of you who are not among the "Legion of Early Adopters" will be more than satisfied with the 2005 model line - and at great savings.

As further SXRD TV News develops look for updates here and on the main SXRD TV page linked below.

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