Samsung LN32A450 LCD TV
Best Value vs. Performance 720p HDTV

Samsung LN32A450 LCD 720p HDTV image

The quality of the Samsung LN32A450 LCD 720p HDTV has persuaded me to post my first review of a TV under 40". I don't usually pay much attention to smaller TVs and focus on big TVs for the home theater or family room movie viewing. But lately I've received quite a few inquiries asking for recommendations for a "second TV" or one that would be great in the bedroom and be around $700 or less. This Samsung fits the bill perfectly.

Samsung's LN32A450 has an excellent image and fluid picture processing capabilities and won't set you back near what a similar Sony Bravia or Panasonic model will. Sure it's "only 720p" but at screen sizes under 40" 720p looks just as sharp at normal viewing distances. Only up-close scrutiny will reveal the extra pixel spacing versus 1080p models and most bedroom TV viewing is more casual than critical.

The morning news or Jay Leno at night will look spectacular on this TV as will the occasional movie or sporting event thanks to its quick 6ms response-time panel. Color reproduction is equally vivid due to the same Wide Color Enhancer technology and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) as the larger 2008 Samsung models.

Also present on this model is the Super Clear Panel which adds to color fidelity and deep black levels by replacing the diffusion front panel with a clear anti-glare shield over a deep black LCD panel. The 10,000:1 contrast ration is typically twice that of similarly priced LCD TVs -- combined with the Super Clear Panel, blacks appear truly black with great detail even in the darkest scenes.

The LN32A450 offers plenty of connectivity options for the bedroom or even smaller family rooms for that matter. It features 3 HDMI, 2 component video, 1 S-video and even has a PC video input. Missing is a composite video input but that type of SD input has no business being on an HDTV anyway in my humble opinion. Outputs include optical audio and even a headphone jack for late-night listening without disturbing others.

In summary the Samsung LN32A450 LCD HDTV offers excellent image quality, super value considering its relatively low price point and would be great in the bedroom. Check the 5 star owner reviews on this great "little" HDTV here at Amazon, in-stock for under $650 with free shipping.

Samsung LN32A450 LCD HDTV


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