Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV
and Big Brother LN52A650 Review
Best LCD TVs to Date - aka Plasma Killers

Samsung LN46A650 HDTV

I am really impressed with the Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV and its "big brother" the LN52A650. That's no easy task as I have never been really impressed with LCDs - or plasmas for that matter. To date the Samsungs are the best LCD TVs I've ever seen. They combine incredibly detailed picture quality with deep blacks that rival plasma TVs. Motion blur is gone with the 120hz 4ms response time. Quite frankly, 1080p LCD HDTV has never looked this good and at such a great low price.

The Samsung full HD 1080p "Super Clear Panel" is the key to the amazing images as you can have all the state-of-the-art electronics in the world but if you have a sub-standard LCD panel the image will do less than impress. They replaced the diffusion front found on traditional LCD HDTVs with a pitch black panel and a clear anti-glare shield. As a result blacks are blacker and colors much more vibrant and true-to-life. Source-faithful color reproduction is further enhanced by Samsung's "Wide Color Enhancer" circuitry coupled with a "Cold Cathode Florescent" backlight.

Samsung's exclusive Digital Natural Image engine aka DNIe™ technology, dramatically improves the picture quality by enhancing their LCD panel's contrast, detail and white balance. The Samsung LCD contrast ratio is now a stunning 50,000:1 - twice that of their 2007 models. The LCD panel's response time has been improved this year to 4ms which is twice as quick over last year's models at 8ms. 120Hz Automotion Plus image technology provides smooth motion and crisp images during fast-moving scenes and the dreaded LCD image blur is gone from these panels.

The "Red Touch of Color" is a stylish touch wherein the bezel fades to a deep red opaque tint along the edge of the gloss black frame. It's a nice feature but one that I could take or leave as I prefer steak over sizzle in my A/V components. However, according to many of the over 300 5-star owner reviews at, a lot of folks like the looks of the new bezel. Speaking of owner reviews the Samsung LN46A650 LCD and it's bigger sibling the LN52A650 both are their highest rated TVs ever. The price of the TVs is surprisingly way less than one would expect. Check the 5-star owner reviews and low pricing here at Amazon.

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Samsung LN46A650 LCD and LN52A650 Review


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