Ultra HD TV Brings Movie Theater
Image Quality To Your Home Theater

"Ultra HD TV" or Ultra High Definition Television - formerly known as 4K TV - is now available and is another giant leap in image quality for home viewing. It offers twice the resolution of regular high definition displays and is equal to the digital images at your local theater. The "color space" is also deeper which allows richer, even more life-like and truer color reproduction.

Ultra High Definition Resolution

Just when many families are finally catching up with High Definition TVs - along comes another mind-blowing format. So if you are among those still watching a square tube type SD TV you may want to hold out even longer on taking the upgrade plunge. Also be advised that the UHD sets currently available in late 2012 (one model from Sony and one from LG) also sport an "Ultra" price tag - but that will surely decrease as more models are released in the coming years.

If you've hit the lottery or money is no object -- why confine yourself to a television and get the Sony VPL-VW1000ES 4K projector? It's been available since late 2011 and will "only" set you back $24,998.

VPL-VW1000ES front view

Looks a bit "Darth Vader-ish"

And the side view

Sleek and "Sony-stylish"

Although there is currently no native 4K content widely available LG's model offers its "Resolution Upscaler Plus" video conversion engine. Sony is enticing buyers to spring for its 84" monster TV model and its monster $25K price tag with a player that's pre-loaded with ten 4K Ultra Hi-Def movies from the Sony library which includes the new Spiderman 3 title. Also hoping to woo early-adopters Sony is including an Xperia Tablet S to use as a remote and a couple of 3D glasses.

It will likely be many years before cable will be able to deliver the bandwidth necessary for the torrential amount of data needed to provide a true UHD/4K image. If compression artifacts bother you now -- just imagine the compression that will be needed to deliver UHD over cable. A totally fiber-optic delivery system may be the solution and only time will tell.

Despite the manufacturers' enticements to date, needless to say it will be a very long time until I take the leap from my trusty "old" traditional HD plasma and HD projector to the new Ultra HD TV format ... that is unless I hit a lottery or two.... ;)

Ultra HD TV

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