VUDU 1080p HD Movie Player with HDX
Offers Blu-ray quality movie downloads

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Blu-ray has a new rival with the VUDU 1080p HD movie player set-top box which now offers 24fps, 1080p full HD quality downloads with VUDU HDX movie rental service available for VUDU customers who have at least a 4mps internet connection. VUDU is also taking a slice of the Apple TV pie with its offer of Lifetime Content Protection.

If the high price of Blu-ray movies is making you hesitate at purchasing a Blu-ray player but you still want full HD movies for your HDTV or home theater viewing, VUDU is offering an alternative with its HDX movie download service. Utilizing the existing VUDU BX100 HD movie player set-top box which has been available and "capable" of 1080p playback since late 2007, the VUDU HDX service requires a 4mps internet connection for downloading 1080p movies within just a few hours depending on the length of the movie. For the "instant gratification" types, immediate downloads/streaming of a somewhat lower quality HD version is also available. Prices for the VUDU player set-top box have dropped $100 since its debut and likely will drop further as the price of Blu-ray players also are dropping. To check current pricing and availability at Amazon click here.

VUDU transfers the HDX movies at 24fps -- the native frame-rate for motion pictures -- and that frees up bandwidth to enable over 600k audio which is superior to normal DVD audio. HDX movies in 5.1 simply sound better than other satellite or ohter on-demand services which stream the audio at a lower data rate. The HDX format's video processing is anchored by VUDU's own and proprietary TruFilm technology, which incorporates intuitive variable bitrates and advanced color processing.

At nine inches wide and seven inches deep the stylish VUDU BX100 box will take up very little room your equipment shelf. Rear panel connections include HDMI, component, S-video and composite video and coaxial, optical and analog audio outputs. The internal 250 gig hard drive can store up to 50 SD movies. And as mentioned above the VUDU 1080p movie player offers lifetime protection from loss of any movies on its hard drive compared to the one-year protection currently offered by rival Apple TV.

In conclusion, if the price of Blu-ray discs leaves you cold, you may want to check out the hot new VUDU HDX high definition movie rental service paired with the VUDU 1080p HD movie player.

VUDU 1080p HD Movie Player

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