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Well, if you're reading this "About Home Theater Systems Advice" page you may be wondering why I built this site. I built it for a variety of reasons.

Home Theater Systems Advice is intended to help those who are wondering about home theater systems and what the associated technology is all about. I am putting a great deal of basic information here so you won't have to read all the web sites, blogs and forums home theater to keep up on the rapidly advancing devices. I'll read them so you won't have to.

Also, as stated on the home page intro -- after going on thirty years of being on the technical side of audio video systems design, operation and systems maintenance -- I built this site in part because I have always had a love for home theater. I recall with great fondness those nights in my early childhood when Dad would get out the 8mm projector and we would have "movie night". And yes, I was the kid who always ran the projector in school back in the days when we had instructional 16mm movies. In subsequent years my love for all things A/V developed movie night into a specialized and more technical experience complete with the latest A/V toys. That hobby found a name in the late 80's called Home Theater. So basically I have been learning about home theater systems since my childhood.

The opportunity to build this site came about in part because I was unceremoniously released (just days before Christmas in 2005) from a job in a specialized A/V field where I had been performing in the basically the same technical management capacity for over seventeen years. The corporation for which I was working bought the company for which I had been working - in the same capacity at the same facility - and "bought me" as well. They offered me a big raise, more vacation and better benefits. They then proceeded to "pick my brain" for my intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the facility's A/V systems for about two years whereupon they called me in during my vacation and dismissed me with no more explanation than that they were "going in another direction". It was corporate, big business in action in one of its most ruthless forms. It was a very good paying job which ended while holding the position of site manager of television production at a "very prominent Kentucky race facility" -- that's all I am at liberty to say as I had to sign legal papers to the effect that I could never say anything negative about them or they would not give me my nice severance package (or as I call it my "lovely parting gifts"). Others may call it "hush money". Regardless I was tired of the new corporate "Tools" they had hired to run the recently formed corporate division/department and after a brief grieving period I picked myself up and moved forward.

Sick of all the corporate BS and the accompanying "adminisphere" full of suits and their clueless drones/henchmen -- I decided I was through working for a big corporation. I wanted to turn my interest, knowledge and passion for home theater into an information service business that would help others find their way into the high tech world of home cinema and which would allow me to be my own boss. Also, since I had been "computer literate" for well over a decade I decided to do it online with this web site about home theater systems.

Being basically clueless about how to create and maintain a web site -- I did a lot of research and found Solo Build It! or SBI!. Through their comprehensive all-in-one service I was able to build this site and get it published on the www. It was quite a learning process but with the tools SBI! gave me I not only learned how to build a web site but also how to build a successful site that is useful for visitors, ranks well in the search engines and in time created a nice income for myself and my family.

This site is a win-win situation. I get to write about home theater systems, I get to help others by helping them wade through the plethora of associated home theater technologies and in turn I have created a fairly lucrative business so I don't have to answer to a boss. It hasn't been an easy task but I am now reaping the harvest of the seeds I began to sow a bit over three years ago.

I hope I haven't bored you tooooooo awfully much with this "About Home Theater Systems Advice" page -- but I've seen that most all other sites had an "about" page so I figured why not put one up and let you know a bit more about why I created this site.

Please take a moment to click the "Contact" button and let me know how I'm doing so far and about what you would like to see more information. :)


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