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NOTE - Big screen CRT Tube TVs are no longer being manufactured - despite providing some of the best HD images available. Modern, flat screen TVs have made them go the way of the dinosaur but they can still be found on places like eBay or Craigslist and sometimes can be had for free or very cheap when their owners upgrade to a flat panel. This page is an archive from my site and is being left as a "tribute" to the CRT HDTV ... may it rest in peace....

Big tube CRT TV Big Screen CRT Tube TVs Also know as "direct-view" TVs are still favored by some Videophile purists.

A good CRT such as a 40" Mitsubishi or 36" Sony Trinitron model offers a fantastic image with superb detail and contrast ratios that are hard to match. The weight of the larger tube sets can reach upwards of 200+ pounds so if you get one - don't plan on moving it often.

CRT tube TVs come in both 4x3 standard definition and 16x9 high definition formats. If you subscribe to HDTV programming via satellite or cable you may want to get a tube set for everyday viewing. In addition to my Panasonic plasma HDTV I have a Phillips 32" tube 16:9 HD model for everyday TV viewing and save the lamp hour usage on my projector for DVDs and HDTV. I suggest if you go the projector route you do the same as replacement lamps are quite expensive.

Samsung has recently debuted a line of slim CRT big screen tube sets.

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At about one-third the depth of traditional CRT tube sets and upwards of 40" diagonal the sets have been met with mixed reviews - corner registration being the major complaint with bowing of the image most notable. The weight of the sets is considerably less than their traditional counterparts. However the image quality weaknesses is sure to limit widespread acceptance by Home Theater enthusiasts.

The new SED TV Technology from Toshiba and Canon was set to turn the retail television industry on its head however a lawsuit by the manufacturer of the core technology has put plans on hold indefinitely. Production was to begin in July 2007 with units to ship soon thereafter - but the roll-out of the technology is currently on hiatus. Early reviews of the technology were nothing short of raves. Flat and thin like a plasma or LCD yet with detail, contrast and the response times even better than a CRT - SEDs (when finally produced) could obsolete many current technologies in a hurry. SEDs are actually hybrid CRTs - with millions of individual tiny cathode guns firing at its own sub-pixel phosphor dot. Prices were projected to be comparable to plasma displays of the same size. Hopefully a resolution to the legal entanglements can be found and production put back on track soon thereafter. You have to hate it when lawyers get in the way of TV viewing enjoyment...

Also new from Toshiba in 2006 were two new HD 16x9 format direct-view big screen CRT tube TVs. Announced at CES Toshiba is offering their trademarked FST PURE additions of the 26HF66 (26" diagonal) and the 30HF66 (30" diagonal). Both new High Definition models feature 1080i resolution and HDMI digital inputs and 2 sets of Colorstream HD inputs. Prices for the new models are said to be in the $600 and $800 dollar range respectively.

This page on Home Theater Big Screen CRT Tube TV is constantly being updated. Please come back soon (and often) for more great info.

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