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Digital Component Surround Sound Systems
If you are seeking the best performance and sound quality you may want to invest in a digital component surround A/V receiver system for your Home Theater. Many of the best models offer video switching which can be convenient if your video device has a limited number of inputs available.

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Digital audio/video (A/V) receivers decode the Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital or DTS audio tracks encoded in a DVD or television broadcast. Such component surround sound systems range in price from a few hundred dollars for the basic setup to several thousand dollars for an "Audiophile" quality experience. I have a Kenwood component A/V receiver system in my basement "dedicated room". Coupled with Bose 601 speakers (Bose sure don't make 'em like they used to) that I have had since the early 80's and some JBL satellite speakers for the surround and center channels it is a component surround sound system that is both economical and technically efficient.

Component systems usually consist of a A/V receiver/amplifier - sometimes with a separate amplifier and often elaborate speakers for each channel along with a powered subwoofer (and sometimes even a separate amplifier for the subwoofer).

A/V receivers also feature internal switching for audio and video signals, many with component video inputs and outputs and most feature digital audio outputs - either coaxial or tos-link optical. Of course the more elaborate the system - the higher the pricetag. Your wallet and most importantly your ears will help decide if a component system is right for you - and if so - how elaborate that system will be.

New Pioneer receiver line offers performance and value
Pioneer receivers traditionally offered exceptional performance with a price to match -- but not anymore. Here sre three solid, full-featured performers that won't bust your budget.
Value priced Pioneer receivers.

Onkyo TX-SR606
Onkyo continues it legacy of offering more value per dollar with its new AVR. If you are looking for a lot of performance for a relatively little price-tag take a look at the Onkyo TX-SR606 A/V Reciever.

For more information on digital audio and the many different associated formats please see the section on Digital Audio Formats.

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