DirecTV or Direct TV for your Home Theater
The NFL fan's Favorite Satellite TV

Direct TV - an NFL fan's favorite DSS service
DIRECTV was one of the original DSS satellite TV providers and continues to maintain a larger subscriber base than Dish Network. The main programming advantage DTV has over Dish Network comes in the form of its offering of the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Perhaps that is one reason DTV has a larger subscriber base than Dishnet. DirecTV also offers Major League Baseball packages and NHL packages as well.

DirecTV Movie packages are similar to Dishnet and cable TV offerings with the usual assortment of HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz family of channels.

DSS receiver equipment for DTV is similar to Dishnet with the notable exception of the TiVo PVR service being bundled with some DVR enabled receivers. The TiVo sevice requires a monthly service fee as do some of Dish Network's receivers.

TiVo was the original standalone PVR box that was rapidly embraced by consumers due to the convenience of digital TV recording at the touch of a button. Recently integrated into some models of DTV receivers, the TiVo equipped boxes were quickly becoming highly popular with DirecTV subscribers and recently DirecTV renewed its association with TiVo for a three year term.

The DirecTV HDTV satellite receiver coupled with a TiVo HD PVR is a good addition to a home theater system. The option is worth the extra pricetag and it is not ALL that much extra per month.

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