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Dish Network - the best of the LSD DVB/DSS's
No I'm not touting a Timothy Leary hippie-type lifestyle here... LSD is a nickname used by satellite TV hobbyists for the Little Small Dishes which have been so increasingly popular in the last few years. A lot of those same satellite TV enthusiasts came from the Big Ugly Dish (or BUD) technology days. I used to have a big C-Band dish but was won over by the simplicity of the little dish system. In fact, Dishnet's CEO Charlie Ergen used to be a big-dish dealer. Perhaps his one-on-one dealings with customers in the past is one reason his customer service and programming selection is second to none in the realm of digital satellite TV.

Dishnet has a wide selection of programming options available from which to select its competitively tiered pricing. Their international packages are highly favored by those who are interested in keeping touch with their far-away homelands. Dishnet's receiver model lineup offers a wide variety features and conveniences. All of their new HD receiver models have digital audio, HDMI and component video outputs. PVR receivers are also offered including excellent HD DVRs including dual-tuner HD DVRs that can record up to three programs (two satellite and one over-the-air) while you watch a recorded program = ultra-convenient.

Dishnet also has the widest selection of High Definition TV programming from which to choose. HD versions of HBO, Showtime and ESPN along with HDNet and DiscoveryHD are among the favorites of DN HD channels.

The many HD channels available from DishNet makes them the favorite satellite TV signal provider with home theater enthusiasts. .

Whether you're interested in sports, movies, international channels, special events, pay-per-view or high definition programming - Dish Network is sure to have a programming package and feature filled receiver to fill your viewing needs.

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