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Progressive Scan is a DVD player MUST
If you visited the page on DVD players, Satellite receivers and cable TV you know the first feature you'll want is PROGRESSIVE SCAN.
Progressive scan means the image is drawn progressively from top to bottom - one line of pixels at a time. Progressive scan technology allows for a much smoother image than its forerunner - the NTSC interlaced standard that had been in place since the dawn of television. Interlaced formats draw every other line (or even numbered lines) of an image and then retrace and draw the remaining every other (or odd numbered)lines. Interlaced standard images tend to have "jaggies" on the edges of images in motion. On the other hand progressive scanned images are smooth and film-like. Therefore - for the theater experience to remain true you will need a P-Scan player.

Next "must-have" feature - COMPONENT VIDEO
The component requirement aspect comes is important because for two basic reasons. The first reason is that component video is WAAAAY better than composite (or one-cable for video) and much better than S-Video ( the little multi-pin type cable). Oh - and light years better than RF coax cable (your basic cable TV type screw on cable) = no comparison. Component video divides the signal into individual RGB signals - or individual signal for the Red, Green and Blue information for the image. That separation allows for more accurate signal interpretation, less interference and more accurate color mapping of the pixels. Some high-end disc players come with HDMI outputs which can directly connect to your Hi-Def monitor or television display.

Lastly but not leastly - Digital Audio Outputs
Audio-wise you'll want either coaxial or fiber optic tos-link digital audio outputs because that's how you'll get the audio signal to the digital surround sound system you will need to complete the HT experience. You may want to refer to the Audio Systems section of HTSA for more information on HTiBs and component sound systems rather than repeating the specifics of digital audio systems here.

Here's an interesting Blu-ray disc player to consider... LG's New Blu-ray with Netflix Hybrid DVD Player. LG has released a slick new hybrid DVD player. The new LG BD300 combines a Blu-ray player with a Netflix movie streamer. It's available for under $400 -- more here at LG Blu-ray hybrid DVD and Netflix player.

Another player model line that recently hit the market is in my opinion the best available -- Panasonic's 2009 model Blu-ray players. Building on the popularity of their '08 models - they have again outdone themselves. Take a look at the new 2009 Panasonic DMP-BD60 and BD80 Blu-ray players.

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