Electric Screens
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Electric Projection Screens -
Convenience for a Price
Electric screens are conveniently equipped with an electric motorized mechanism which does the lowering and raising for you. At the touch of a button an electric home theater projector screen will lower for viewing and with another touch conveniently retract. They come with either a corded switch or the ultra-convenient remote control models. One really cool thing about a remote model is that if you get one of the many models of all-in-one type macro-equipped remote controls for your Home Theater System - you can program a macro to lower your screen as well as trigger other functions to prepare for watching a movie with ONE single touch of a button = WAY COOL!

Electric models are accordingly more expensive than their manually operated cousins and remote control electrics are even more expensive. However if your budget can handle the pricetag they are worth the investment for the added Wow-Factor and convenience. Be advised that waves can also be an issue with electric models - the same as with manual screens.

There are some tensioned models that somewhat alleviate the wave issue. Tensioned screens have cables that run down the sides of them which pull the screen laterally in order to flatten the surface. They are even more expensive than other electric models and to be quite frank - the ones I've seen still have slight waves to their surface. Therefore - unless you have a really liberal budget you may want to stick with a free-hanging electric model. If you want to eliminate waves altogether see the section on Fixed Screens or if you want to save even more money and still have a flat surface check the section on Do-it-Yourself Screens.

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