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I had heard of the Goofy Home Theater short - Walt Disney Pictures' Goofy in How To Hook Up Your Home Theater but didn't get the chance to see it until a while back when someone posted it to YouTube. It's since been removed ... but it's an absolutely hilarious throwback to the 2D Disney animations of the past as Goofy bumbles his way through each step by mis-step on the way to his goal of watching the "Big Game" on a new big screen TV with surround sound that will make him feel like he's actually in the game.

I loved it so much I would like let you know about it and share it with you. Below are a few options to watch it in various quality and resolution versions. The short's 2007 copyright is by Disney Enterprises, Inc. and I am merely presenting it here for your amusement (and amazement at Goofy's antics).

Here's a decent quality, view-only version that should open in your Windows Media Player click this -- Goofy Hooks Up His Home Theater FYI - it will take a bit of time to load and buffer (tip - if it doesn't open automatically - highlight the link and right click, then copy, open your WMP and hit CNTRL+U and paste the url in the "open url" window). I recommend that you double-click it for full-screen viewing in the original aspect ratio.


I hope you find it as humorous as I did. I think it's an instant classic with a great retro look and music scoring. I just love the "consumer friendly" packaging of the cables (I absolutely HATE those plastic things), the packing peanuts going everywhere (I hate those too), the speaker layout with enough surrounds to cause deafness, his dreamy-eyed, declaration of love for the giant TV and the revelation of the "Holy Grail" universal remote ... just to name a few. ;)

A few other trivial tidbits I noticed are the guy in black shoplifting a DVD in the Shiny Stuff store, the little TV with Mickey Mouse ears on the rack of TVs (there's also a couple of poorly adjusted TVs on that long display), the pic of Walt on Goofy's shelf, "Dopey Digital" and "MIC-K3Y MO-USE" on his 1200" TV's packing box, the radiation and biohazard warnings on the back panel of his TV and the leaning of the Leaning Tower of Pisa picture on the wall.

Again, I hope you find Goofy in How To Hook Up Your Home Theater even half as funny as I did. And remember - Goofy should have come to this site for advice before shopping. So don't be goofy about Home Theater -- look around here and be informed before shopping or installing your home theater system.

DISCLAIMER - Goofy in How To Hook Up Your Home Theater is sole copyright 2007 Disney Enterprises, Inc. with all rights reserved and is presented here for amusement purposes only.

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