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In this section you will find answers to your Home Theater FAQ -- or "most frequently asked questions". We get a lot of questions from new enthusiasts here at Home Theater Systems Advice. If you have a question feel free to use the Home Theater Systems contact form. I will reply ASAP and you just may see your question included on this page.

Below is a list of commonly asked home theater questions arranged by topic. Each question is a link which leads to a page with further information and helpful links to additional home theater resources. This is a brand new section of this site and new Q&A info will be added at a rapid pace -- consider this a "Sneak Preview of Coming Attractions".

Basic/General Questions

What do I need for home theater/what are the basic home theater components?

What is the difference in HDMI cable versions and formats?

Will I need a digital TV receiver next year?

Digital Audio

How many speakers do I need for my home theater?

What are the best home theater speakers?

What is the difference between the different digital audio formats?

What is the best subwoofer placement for my theater room?

Digital Video

What is the difference between the different HDTV formats?

Which high definition DVD format is better -- Blu-ray or HD DVD?

Note - This Home Theater FAQ is a work in progress and will be added to frequently -- in fact it is sure to be the fastest growing section of Home Theater Systems Advice -- so bookmark it and come back soon and often.

Home Theater FAQ

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