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Home theater furniture and seating selection will determine the comfort and in some instances the layout of your home theater. Your choice of home theater seating helps determine the overall environment and entertainment level of the your home cinema or theatre experience. Uncomfortable guests are logically less likely to fully enjoy a movie than those who are comfortably seated in accommodating furniture. Therefore you will want to provide a comfortable, yet functional seating area for your home theater guests. Casual (incorporated into a living area) and dedicated home theaters present different types of seating choices.

A casual theater means your seating must be integrated to accommodate normal living circumstances. The logical selections are recliners/easy chairs and sofas/loveseats. You will want to arrange your seating so that all guests have a decent view of the screen. We have two recliners and a sofa in our family's living room/home theater. They are arranged in an "L" shape with the recliners facing the screen - each just slightly off the centerline of the screen. The sofa is along one wall and the other wall opens into the dining room. Everyone has a great view of the screen and thanks to my Bose speakers' direct/reflecting technology the surround sound effects are very evenly distributed.

Dedicated Home Theaters have a variety of custom seating available from a variety of manufacturers. From common brands such as La-Z-Boy and Lane to the boutique brands of custom home theater recliners and loveseats -- your choice of seating will in part be determined by whether you are going for a home theater-esque experience or whether you are going with a full blown mini-theater theme.I personally prefer the casual, open and freestyle home theater-esque style. I feel the openness lends to better exchange of conversation. Some HT purists prefer the authentic mini-cinema dedicated home theater atmosphere. Such thematic theaters feature either actual theater seats or custom reclining models - arranged in rows just like those in your local movie house.

Note - more info is coming soon regarding home theater seating along with suggested makes and models of home theater furniture.

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