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Oklahoma City Home Theater Installation Services
If you're needing advice on choosing the right HDTV, like which high definition TV type to choose or help with your surround sound system installation or would rather not bother with all of the technical aspects of your project feel free to contact me. Fees are based on the size and scope of your project but I guarantee that you will save BIG money over the "Best Buys" and other big buck installers. I have surveyed their system installation services and associated fees and to say they are overpriced is an understatement. I can also assist you with designing your Home Theater from concept to completion -- again at huge savings over boutique designers.

Say "Buh-Buy" to the Geeks at Best Buy and say hello to reasonable home theater installation services pricing. Surveying their price lists they charge about $100 or more per hour of labor. My labor rate is only $40/hr. How I can offer such low pricing? It's simple -- I operate a one-man shop and I am Sole Proprietor of my business. I don't have anywhere near the overhead of the "big-box" stores -- I don't have a fancy showroom to maintain, I don't have to pay a basically clue-less sales staff nor do I have a fleet of fancy logo-draped vehicles. What I do have is over 30 years of experience in the A/V field and a desire to help you achieve your goals without draining your wallet. I am registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State as a Sole Proprietorship doing business as Home Theater Systems Advice. When you choose me to do your installation I assure you that your project will be done to your complete satisfaction and I will not be happy until you are.

Home Theater Systems Advice is based in Oklahoma City but can travel to Tulsa, Dallas, Wichita and "points beyond" (even nationwide) if travel and accommodations are compensated. If you want to be sure your installation is completed within your budget, on time and to your satisfaction please don't hesitate to Contact Me. Please include all the specifics you can regarding your project (including your location). Important variables to include are -- equipment brands and models, room dimensions, wall composition, attic access availability and whether it is a new construction or existing home. Also please provide a time-frame in which you would like your project to be completed. I will follow up ASAP with a preliminary estimate.

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Home Theater Installation Services

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