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This home theater news section will cover developments in the world of home theater systems. It's hard to keep up with all of the latest developments and trends in the realm of home theater. It seems as soon as a new technology is introduced along comes another "latest, greatest" device to catch the fancy of enthusiasts and further confuse newcomers.

In this section and the subsequent pages I will attempt to keep you abreast of the new devices and trends so you won't have to sift through all the chaff to find a few grains of wheat. I will offer my educated opinion on new devices and hopefully cut through the all (or at least most) of the BS in an unbiased, no-nonsense fashion.

Epson's 710HD - Bright, Sharp and Economical

The Epson 710HD is an economical choice for budget conscious projector buyers looking for a very affordable, bright and sharp image . It's not as full-featured as most, more expensive projectors, but it produces a well-detailed HD image at a very attractive price. The Epson 710HD

Optoma's HD33 3D Projector - Affordable Full 1080p HD 3D
The HD33 is the first full 1080p 3D projector to come home at an under $1500 price point -- and its image quality and performance is even better than its low price --
Optoma HD33.

LG Changes the 3D TV Game for Good
LG has taken the lead in 3D TV for the home. No more clunky, battery powered active shutter glasses = thank goodness! Say goodbye to eye fatigue along with dim, flickering images and say hello to ...
LG's Cinema 3D TVs.

Quite Possibly the Last Receiver You Will Ever Buy
Yamaha has finally designed a receiver that packs the most sought-after features into a very surprisingly economical package. Could it be love at first sight (and sound)? ...
Yamaha RX-V867.

Panasonic V10 Plasma TVs - Pioneer KURO Successor?

Panasonic's V10 plasma TV model line offers modern features and performance that rivals the legendary Elite KURO plasma TVs at a much more reasonable price --
Panasonic V10 Plasma TVs.

New Pioneer receivers offer performance and value
Pioneer traditionally has offered exceptional performance with a price tag to match -- not anymore. Here's three solid, full-featured performers that won't bust your budget.
Value priced Pioneer receivers.

Two new Blu-ray models from Panasonic
Panasonic has released their new much anticipated 2009 model Blu-ray players. Building on the popularity of their '08 models - they have again outdone themselves.
Panasonic DMP-BD60 and BD80 Blu-ray players.

Logitech Universal Remotes for Eternal Cosmic Harmony
If you're in need of a universal remote to bring harmony to your home theater world -- look no further than the Logitech Harmony line of remotes. They are the best overall performers hands-down and I recommend them wholeheartedly and exclusively. Replace your pile of remotes with one Harmony Universal Remote Control.

Walt Disney's Goofy Hooks Up His Home Theater System
Disney Pictures created a 2D animated short last year that was shown before the National Treasure Book of Secrets movie. It's hilarious and if you missed it in the theater (like I did) take a few minutes for an excellent animated comedy -- Goofy's Home Theater Installation Cartoon.

Samsung 1080p TVs - Best LCD panel of the Year or Ever
The 2008 Samsung LCD TVs are the most crisp, vibrant and breathtaking TVs of the year. Featuring deep blacks and incredibly detailed images, the benchmark has been set for LCDs that rivals the best Plasmas.
Here's info on the Samsung LN46A650 and LN52650 LCD TVs.

Samsung's 32" 720p LCD is "Great in the Bedroom"
I've received quite a few requests for recommendations for a TV for the bedroom. The Samsung LN32A450 LCD 720p HDTV is a smaller TV that would make a great choice for the bedroom, office or even smaller family rooms. Its relatively economical price makes it worthy of a serious look. Read more here Samsung LN32A450 LCD TV.

VUDU Debuts HDX Full 1080p HD Movie Download Service
The VUDU set-top-box movie rental service is now offering full 1080p 24fps HD movie downloads with its new HDX player download service. Here's info on the VUDU HD movie downloads.

LG Releases a Slick New Hybrid DVD Player
The new LG BD300 combines a Blu-ray player with a Netflix movie streamer. It's available for under $400 -- more here at LG Blu-ray hybrid DVD and Netflix player.

More "Sound Bar" Systems Hit the Home Theater Market
Yamaha has introduced a new line of sound bar systems along with new entries into the field from Sony, Samsung, Boston Acoustics and Polk Audio. Check out the new units at Sound Bar Speakers.

More Great Value From Onkyo
Onkyo continues it legacy of offering more value per dollar with its new AVR. If you are looking for a lot of performance for a relatively little price-tag take a look at the Onkyo TX-SR606 A/V Reciever.

Onkyo has also released a new line of three Home Theater in a Box systems that are both powerful and stylish.
New Onkyo Home Theater in a Box Systems

What's a Movie Without Popcorn?
Here's an interesting multi-format high definition streaming media device from Syabas Technology with a funny name.
Popcorn Hour A-100

The Digital Revolution Draws Closer
The analog to digital broadcast TV changeover is less than a year away -- are you prepared?
Digital TV signals in 2009

LG's Blu-ray and HD DVD Player
LG has released its newest second generation hybrid / dual format Blu-ray and HD DVD player.
LG BH200

Yamaha Helps Reduce Wiring Woes
I recently installed a Yamaha digital sound projector - it's amazing.
Yamaha YSP-800

New TVs from Sony
Sony's new "Z" series LCD HDTVs turned heads at CES 2008.
Sony KDL-40Z4100 and Sony KDL-46Z4100

Philips Says "Let's Get Small"
Philips announced a new miniature DVD/audio system at CES 2008.
Philips BTD710 Micro Theater

Bookmark this page and come back soon (and often) for more home theater news from the ever-changing world of home theater systems.

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