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With the recent release of the 2009 Panasonic Blu-ray player models the best players just got even better. The new Panasonic models - the DMP-BD60 and DMP-BD80 now offer online media streaming capability with no need for a PC - just a broadband internet connection. Currently offering media from free video sources including YouTube and Bloomberg, the players will also be capable of providing video from Amazon VOD.

The phrase "new and improved" has been used to death over the years but this year's new Pansonic Blu-ray DVD players live up to the claim. They have improved on what was already widely hailed as the best Blu-ray player model line on the market. Last year's BD35 and BD55 offerings proved to offer the best video quality and most trouble-free operation of any player available. This year Panasonic has added online media streaming to the model line and again has hit a home-run clear out of the park.

Panasonic's VIERA Cast technology combined with BD Live and BonusView enable additional content for Blu-ray discs only available over the internet. VIERA Cast allows users to connect to internet streaming video content such as YouTube - my only reservation is that I wish they would update the firmware to include the Netflix streaming service.

The video processing side of the new players already is at a level found on no other currently available player. The Panny BD players pass all of the HQV benchmarks with flying colors and their upscaling capability of standard DVDs is unmatched. I own a BD35 (last year's model) and I have been more than happy with its absolutely stunning video quality, trouble-free operation and ease of use. The 2009 models offer the same performance with the aforementioned additional features.

The only differences between the two new Panasonic Blu-ray models are negligible. The BD80 includes DIVX video codec playback compatibility via the front USB connector and it also offers 5.1 channel analog output for older receivers that do not decode the new HD audio formats. If your receiver is capable of decoding Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD via its HDMI input and you don't really care about DIVX (like me) then save yourself about a hundred bucks and get the BD60.

Another plus for the "Green Conscious" is that this year's models are Energy Star rated and consumes 10% less power than last year's models. You can read more about the numerous video features, lowest pricing available (with free shipping and no tax) and read owner reviews on the new Panasonic Blu-ray players here at

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