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Pioneer receivers have long been near the top of all leading brands when considering criteria for excellent performing AVRs. Until recently the price point of the Pioneer line restricted the availability to home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles with fairly deep pockets. However, that performance level is now available to a wider section of users at a price much closer to entry-level than anytime in their past history.

There are three 7.1 Pioneer receivers in the $500 or below price neighborhood. The lowest priced VSX-919AH offers key features such as analog to HDMI video up-conversion, decoding of all HD audio formats and plenty of clean power with 120W per channel at .05% THD. It also is "Works with iPhone" certified -- meaning it will integrate iPhone (and iPod Touch) audio and video via a front-panel USB port and allow control of your tunes and videos with an on-screen, full color interface. It also allows a second zone for audio in a second zone or to feed a speaker distribution system for whole-house audio. Three HDMI inputs allow for connectivity of your TV receiver, Blu-ray and a gaming system. The 919 also offers two component video inputs for even more HD sources. Check out the 5-star owner reviews, full specs and free shipping here at Amazon.

The next step-up is the VSX-1019AH-K which, in addition to all of the above features of the 919, adds 1080p up-scaling to its analog to HDMI video conversion. The other notable upgrade is the addition of another HDMI input for added full HD connectivity. Priced about $100 more than the 919, the 1019 is a slight upgrade over the 919 and is also available with free shipping and (as always) no tax here at Amazon.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line performance in a value priced package, look no further than the sleeper of the $500 price point Pioneer receivers -- the VSX-9040TXH. This receiver has basically the same internals as the Pioneer Elite VSX-21THX. Notable additional features to the above receivers is the addition of preamp outputs, 140 watts of clean Pioneer power and THX Select 2 certification. For only $5 more (as of this writing) it's a no-brainer decision to go for the 9040 over the 1019. It's in stock and ready to ship free here at Amazon.

All of the above Pioneer receivers offer the advanced MCACC auto-setup and calibration feature via a full-color on-screen GUI with the supplied calibration mic which allows reference quality audio set-up by even the most technically challenged owner. With the Pioneer badge on your home theater AVR you can be sure you have a piece that will provide many years of future-proof, high quality performance.

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