Samsung HT-BD1200 is not so good

by Dan
(Grand Haven, MI)

I could not get the BD HDMI to connect to a new Vizio 42"XVT. I talked to techs at Samsung (3 Xs), one at Vizio and one at Sam's Club (the best at following troubleshooting steps 'cuz no equipment bias to hinder his opinion). No luck. I was able to get the AV component connection to give me video, but, c'mon, if I have digital equipment, I want a digital output to watch.

Through the course of patiently going through all the connection steps several times, and on my own, there was no getting the Samsung's HTiB Blue Ray to give up a digital signal. Yes, I had the right input selected, replaced the HDMI cable (both were 1080p, 1.3a), turned off Samsung's AnyNet, tried different input ports, changed TV resolution settings, and so on.

It's my opinion there is something one or both of the units are doing to "automatically" interpret the signal between the two; and that's what is giving me a blank screen, after it says "No signal" for a while.

The features of the Samsung HTiB are impressive. Lots of extras. The sound is OK; you can tell the focus is on mid-range. It lacks the overall punch you get from a "real" surround sound system. It has an FM tuner and iPod dock. It connects to the internet for Netflix downloads. All cool stuff that I would still have installed, if I could have gotten the HDMI connection to work. Now I am looking at a component system with separate amp and speakers, per this website. I'll probably get a Samsung BD player 'cuz it has all the cool features. But I will make it work in the store to a Vizio 42XVT before I bring it home!

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