SED TV Technology from Toshiba and Canon
The BEST is Yet to Come

SED tech is basically dead - killed by corporate politics. This page is left as an archive and tribute. "RIP SED - We barely knew ye".

Previous News 3-10-07 - Well now there's a major roadblock in the development of the SED TV technology. A lawsuit has been filed by the holders of one of the patents for the nano-technology being used by Canon and Toshiba and they have put a stop for now in the production plans for the SED sets. Industry analysts say it may be the death of the SED sets altogether. I sure hope not as SEDs promise to be the best performing flat panel TVs yet. More news later as this latest scenario unfolds... Earlier News 8-7-06 - Production on the SED TV technology equipped TVs from Toshiba is slated to begin in July 2007 with distribution following in late August. Until then one can only wait -- or if you have REALLY deep pockets you could get a 2006 model Sony SXRD TV in the meantime. The SXRD is the only thing (other than a CRT model) to have a picture quality able to compete with the SEDs. With SXRD projectors available -- again for those with DEEP pockets -- the available image size lead goes to SXRD technology as SED units will be front-view displays only.

Previous updates and news ---
The biggest buzz at CES 2006 was about the new SED TV technology from Toshiba and Canon. The units utilize "surface-conduction electron-emitter display" (that's easier said as SED). A hybrid of sorts between a plasma display and a traditional CRT TV, SED TV Technology equipped sets utilize millions (6,220,800 to be exact) of VERY tiny individual CRT guns or electron emitters to illuminate each corresponding onscreen phosphor dot. The units are flat-screened, slim and lightweight just like the plasma and LCD displays they are sure to obsolete. They also draw less power than a plasma screen.

The result is a TV with astounding detail, contrast levels, color depth and overall clarity. Contrast levels of production sets are promised in the 100,000 to 1 range - which is simply incredible. Toshiba also plans to debut the line with a base model at 55 inches. Early reviews of the 45" prototype units displayed at CES were nothing short of raves. Pricing is projected to be comparable to plasmas of the same size.

More information will be forthcoming soon as information becomes available on this amazing and promising new technology from Toshiba and Canon.

UPDATE on SED TV Technology - 3-22-06 Toshiba and Canon put SED on hold....From Yahoo News

"Toshiba, Canon delay next-generation SED TV's release till 2007's 4Q(Kyodo) _ Toshiba Corp. and Canon Inc. jointly said Wednesday their alliance will delay the release of a next-generation high quality-image TV, known as surface-conduction electron-emitter display television, or SED TV, until next year's October-December period from its originally planned release time of this spring. TV maker Toshiba and camera manufacturer Canon, strong in the high-tech industry but nonetheless a novice in the TV field, will now "launch SED TVs in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2007," the two said in a statement.

The SED TVs, which they say will provide image quality comparable to that of cathode-ray tube TVs despite their ultra-thin display panel, will offer "excellent performance characteristics," according to the two.

A Toshiba spokesman said the two want to develop lower-cost "production methods" for the high-definition image TV before starting its mass-manufacturing.

The TV uses a large number of super-miniature electron emitters which jointly act as a single electron gun in cathode-ray tube TVs.

SED TVs use the same number of such emitters -- put side by side on a glass substrate -- as that of luminescent pixels lined up on another glass substrate.

The distance between the two substrates is only "a few millimeters," the spokesman said, adding the electrons shot by the emitters collide with the pixels to make them emit color rays.

The two claimed they "consider the launch of SED TVs to be a major industry milestone, a once-in-50-years historical turning point for the TV industry, comparable to the initial introduction of CRT television."

The duo also said they "see the popularity of the 2008 Beijing Olympics as an opportunity to strongly promote SED TVs."

That's a shame as I was really looking forward to getting a glimpse of one of these SED TV technology based beauties later this year... looks like late next year now --- unfortunately... I'll keep you posted on any new developments on the SED TV technology front - meanwhile you can use the search box below to find any further news.


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