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In this new section are proud new SXRD TV owner reviews.
This is a new addition due to the length of the previous section on SXRD technology outgrowing the convenient page load times and page "scrolling" length. I hope you find this additional section helpful.

New Owner Reports --

Wendell from Noble, OK is a new owner with this report --

I recently took delivery of the SONY 50A2000 model. This is not the top of the line XBR but from what I can tell, there is no difference in picture quality. At first my TV was hooked up to SD signals which looked fair to good at best. However, once I was able to receive a 1080i signal, the TV picture was clear, precise, and bright. It does not have the bells and whistles found on the XBR but it is a very good picture. The viewing angles a fairly wide, sound quality is moderate, fan noise in non-detectable, and I would say it is better than the DLP picture.

Dave from Bowling Green, KY is a new owner with these comments --

"Took delivery of a new Sony 60" SXRD (non-XBR model) last Friday. Had my Dish Network upgraded to HD on Saturday. I am blown away! Top notch picture from HD sources!!! With my Dish receiver set to output 1080i, I have absolutely no complaints. I work in the broadcast television industry, so I am used to looking for video problems and I don't see any. There is, of course, significant variation in the quality of HD from various broadcasters, but even the worst is a huge improvement over SD. The Sony handles SD well, but can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Progressive scan from my DVD player is very good, but dependent on the quality of the DVD. Overall, an excellent HD display! I would be happy to respond to any specific questions about my experience with the set.Thanks for your web site - very informative!"

Thank you for your remarks Wendell and Dave and congratulations on your new SXRD TV units. Is anyone else a proud new owner? If so, please use this link Home Theater Contact to send in your SXRD TV owner reviews and thoughts and I will post them here on this owners' review page.

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