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Sony has announced that they are discontinuing SXRD rear projection TVs and are concentrating on the flat panel market. A Sony spokesman was quoted as stating "We are moving our resources toward LCD TV, because that's what people really want." The company will sell off existing stocks of SXRD and 3LCD products, then join Toshiba and Hitachi in the post-RPTV universe. Although leading sales in the RPTV genre, rear-projection sets sell for less per inch than LCD or plasma. Sony is looking to concentrate on LCD panel TVs which sell for more and therefore are more profitable. Sony reportedly will continue to produce SXRD front projectors such as the VPL-VW60 and VPL-VW100.

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Sony's SXRD TV technology is making waves and has tongues wagging in the videophile circles. The new technology is more affordable with the new models now available and shipping. Sporting Sony's new technology which formerly debuted in their Qualia videophile line that now retails for a bit over $10K for the 70" model -- 2005 models are being discounted as the new 2006 A2000 SXRD series 50, 55 & 60 inchers are about $3000 to $4500 depending your retail outlet of choice -- however the 50" 2006 KDS-50A2000 can be found in a link further down this page from Amazon for under $2500.

The Sony VPL-VW50 "Pearl" SXRD powered front projector is available with street prices around $4500. Early reviews for the "Pearl" are extremely complimentary and it is said to be the absolute best in its price class. As is the case with the new rear projection sets the Pearl's availability is extremely limited. If you would like you can follow this link to check prices and availability for the Sony Pearl projector.

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The 2006 model Sony SXRD Models are now shipping. Early reports from owners are ranging from extremely complementary to outright raves.

The SXRD picture with an HD-DVD source is reported to be stunning. As a matter of fact one report says that it's a case of what you put in is exactly what you get out. Floor model display units are scarce as most retail outlets are selling them as fast as they can get them. As soon as a local retailer around here gets a new SXRD display unit I'll post my own impressions. [Note - it's January and a new year now and still no local retailers with a display model -- waiting semi-patiently here they say the supply is way less than demand and as soon as they can get them they are out the door.] Meanwhile if you can get out to see a Sony 2006 SXRD model or are one of the lucky new owners and you would like to share your own new TV review use this form and I'll post your comments in the new SXRD Owners Reviews section.

Note - Due to the popularity of the Sony SXRDs and the wealth of information regarding them this page has grown too large for just one section (page load times were getting very long) so I have decided to break it into more convenient smaller "bites" (and bytes) for my readers. Further information on SXRD technology TVs can be found in --
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The Sony big-screen rear-projection SXRDs were very impressive and I'd wouldn't have minded owning one. Designed as a competitor to DLPs they offered excellent black levels, invisible pixels, no video noise and rich color reproduction. SXRD TV technology topped my former favorite DLPs by a considerable margin - but that's a rather mute point now that Sony is discontinuing their rear-projection line. Perhaps now prices will drop a bit more on the front projector models.



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