Theater Posters
for your Home Theater's
Look and Feel

Classic Theater Posters can help give your Home Theater the look and feel of an actual home theater. Whether it be the timeless classics such as Casablanca or Citizen Kane to the newer cult hits such as the Star Wars or Matrix franchises a few movie posters lend to the total home theater experience. Framed movie posters are a nice finishing touch, are not all that expensive and are available from such retailers as for a nominal fee. If you have a dedicated viewing room you may want to add a few posters along the wall on each side highlighted by theme-coordinated wall sconce lighting. You could also add a few classic movie posters along the entrance to your dedicated home theater as a mood setter to welcome guests.

Here are some of my favorites from AllPosters ---

If you are looking for other nice extras to finish off your home theater in addition to theater posters -- please allow me to direct you to my friends at Home Theater Express. From popcorn machines to theater poster supplies and frames, HT Express will help make your home theater feel more like a cinema. They also offer cotton candy machines and other finishing touches like cinema wall decor and theater themed light switch covers.

It's the little finishing touches that will make your home theater feel like a real theater in your home. For info on home theater seating and layout please refer to my informational page on Home Theater Furniture.

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