The Yamaha RX-V867
Possibly the last AVR you will ever need

Yamaha RX-V867 receiver image

The Yamaha RX-V867 is quite possibly the last audio-video receiver you will ever need. In this world of the "latest and greatest" coming out every few months -- Yamaha has designed an AVR jam-packed with all the features you should ever need at a very attractive price.

With an MSRP of $899 and a current street price of just under $800 the Yamaha 867 offers an extremely long list of much sought after features. Some feature highlights -- six (yes 6) HDMI inputs, two (yes 2) 1080p 3D compatible HDMI outputs, LAN network connectivity with internet music streaming, full analog to 1080p HDMI upscaling ability, decoding of all HD audio formats, independent second zone audio output, two subwoofer outputs and a very slick on-screen display/GUI make this the first AVR I've seen to offer such a complete line of features in an under $1000 receiver.

Yamaha RX-V867 back panel image

Yamaha 867 Back Panel Connections

The second HDMI output is one of my favorite features as it allows sending the same video to your TV and projector simultaneously without having to switch or split the HDMI signal (and that can be troublesome besides being a PITA) or you can feed a bedroom TV the same signal as from your theater or living room.

The 867's new and useful on-screen display/GUI provides visual feedback of volume levels and receiver settings for those who prefer their AV components and receiver be out of sight and tucked away in a cabinet or closet. The slick GUI also can display album art overlays from your iPod when connected with an optional Yamaha iPod dock. And with its Sirius input and network connectivity to the many free internet music streaming services you'll have an endless supply of music listening opportunities.

As always - you can find the best pricing on the Yamaha RX-V867, free shipping from most vendors and never any sales tax here at Amazon.

Yamaha RX-V867

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